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STG University

Located on the corner of St. George Blvd and University Blvd. This location has been open as a pawn shop since 2008

This location is a full service pawn shop that specializes in title loans, jewelry, name brand purses, shoes, electronics, musical instruments, laptops, firearms, tools Plus So Much More.



Store Manager: Felipe Nuno

Head Pawn Broker: Martha Jones

Assistant Manager: Oscar Cardenas

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Introducing Felipe, the dedicated Store Manager at our St. George Pawn Plus Half Off Title Loans location, bringing nearly a decade of experience in the pawn industry. Felipe's journey into this unique field is a testament to his genuine passion and commitment to making a positive impact on people's lives. Felipe's story begins as a customer himself, visiting his brother who worked at a pawn shop. Captivated by the intriguing items and the dynamic environment, he quickly transitioned from being a visitor to a valued customer. His curiosity led him to dive deeper into the inner workings of pawnshops. Being bilingual proved to be an asset, and Felipe soon found himself becoming an integral part of the pawn industry, a role he's embraced ever since. For customers seeking guidance in buying or selling at a pawn shop, Felipe offers a valuable piece of advice: only borrow the amount you truly need. Understanding the interest accruing on loans, he emphasizes the importance of responsible borrowing to prevent losing cherished items due to unaffordable interest payments. What sets Pawn Plus Half Off Title Loans apart from competitors, according to Felipe, is their genuine care for customers. Recognizing that pawning items like wedding rings or car titles isn't the first choice for most, the team at Pawn Plus strives to make the process as straightforward and smooth as possible. Putting the customer's needs first is their guiding principle, ensuring that every individual who walks through their doors receives the respect and support they deserve during challenging times. In his role, Felipe finds great fulfillment in helping people and brightening their days. He understands that customers may arrive in difficult circumstances, often stressed, or agitated and he embraces the opportunity in finding a solution. Felipe's presence is an invaluable asset to the Pawn Plus team.

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