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Located on Red Cliffs Dr in Washington. This location opened in 2010.

This location is a full service pawn shop that specializes in title loans, jewelry, name brand purses, shoes, electronics, musical instruments, laptops, firearms, tools Plus So Much More.



Store Manager: Jeff Culligan

Asst. Manager: Freddy Proskauer

Pawn Broker: Daniel Bowman 

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Introducing Jeff, the experienced Store Manager at Pawn Plus Half Off Title Loans in Washington, where he's been an invaluable part of the pawn business for over 13 years. Jeff's entry into this industry is a testament to the power of friendship and a passion for learning. His pawn adventure began when his close friend and accomplished musician, Jerry Love, opened Pawn Plus in 2010. Jeff's curiosity and Jerry's invitation led him to explore the pawn business. Together, they built the shop from the ground up, creating a store that holds a special place in Jeff's heart. Jeff's biggest tip for those looking to sell or pawn an item is to ensure its complete with all cords, chargers, batteries, and the like. Also, to communicate your desired amount, and the process becomes smoother and quicker. When it comes to buying, Jeff and his team are all ears. Feel free to ask about prices or even test items on the spot. They're dedicated to providing you with the best possible deals. Jeff believes what sets Pawn Plus Half Off Title Loans apart is its people-first approach. They take the extra step to greet everyone warmly, making sure customers feel supported in finding what they need or getting their questions answered. Their shop is known for their cleanliness, organization, and fantastic selection of inventory. For Jeff, the most fulfilling aspect of his role is the relationships he's built with customers over the years. Seeing familiar faces and assisting them with their needs brings him joy. Additionally, he relishes the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with new employees starting their exciting journey in the pawn business. Jeff is a true leader and asset to both the team and the community.

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